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Pilates Apparatus Training

Breath, Center, Control, Concentration, Precision and Proper Range of Motion are the six guiding principles of movement Joseph Pilates himself established.

Anne Martens exclusively works with the maternal population of all ages of motherhood pregnancy – 40+ years since birth. Over the course of pregnancy and, at least, the first year postpartum, the physical demands on the body are on-going and changing. Consequently, all fitness programs should be adapting to meet the client’s needs for effective results. Pilates equipment and / or a variety of mat exercises help successfully guide the process to a healthy and balanced musculo-skeletal structure. When working with Anne Martens, she will adjust the Bella Bellies® program accordingly so it centered on preparation for birth, motherhood and menopause.

  • Pregnancy, Labor & Delivery and Preparation for Motherhood – Proper modifications to help ensure the safety of the client and her baby, spinal alignment, core strength, pelvic floor strength, bone density, modification for cardio-respiratory shifts, bone density and more.
  • Postpartum Adjustments – exercise movement to promote healing from birth, diastasis rectus modifications, cesarean modifications, pelvic floor conditions, adjustments for nursing, for adjustments hormonal shifts and their effects on the musculoskeletal structure, incorporating baby into the workout (momilates) and creating an atmosphere where women are welcome to bring their babies / children and more.
  • Addressing fitness needs and goals that are on-going and at every point of life - immediately following birth to 40+ years after birth.
  • Peri-menopause – Post-menopause creating more energy, properly increasing muscles mass, addressing fitness modifications for developing shifts since having a baby that may not have been addressed properly by other fitness routines with a focus core and pelvic floor integrity, focusing on increasing muscle mass, focus on increasing bone strength and more.

In general, is Pilates Safe for Women?

When properly modified, Pilates is a great means of exercising during pregnancy, postpartum and at all stages of life for a woman, including peri-menopause, menopause and post-menopause. It is important to work with a Pilates Instructor who is certified in the Pilates Technique, 400-600 hour program and has a separate certification in Maternal Pilates, requiring at least 200 hours of studies.

Anne Martens has been endorsed by Midwives, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Obstetricians and Gynecologists. However, before beginning the Bella Bellies® Program or any other program, consult your Health Care provider to attain his or her approval to participate.

Is Anne Martens available for Equipment Training?

In 2011 Anne Martens moved to Erie, PA, and within Erie County is working one-on-one with women. Also, at request Anne Martens will travel to private studios to set-up training programs and review training techniques for clients or work independently long-distance via skype. Email info@bellabellies.com for rates and availability.

I am a certified Pilates Instructor interested in studying the Bella Bellies® techniques for Pilates Mat and Apparatus, how do I participate?

Anne has been a strong advocate for proper pilates strength conditioning and education that is research based for over 10 years, being one of the first and only maternal pilates programs in the greater New York City to exclusively work with this population group addressing diastasis rectus abdominus, the need for proper modification postpartum for a variety of conditions and the need to create a mom-baby / child friendly studio that is both warm and nurturing. The Bella Bellies® Program offers training with the Pilates reformer, Pilates trapeze table, and the Pilates chair and is available to Certified Pilates instructors. The end goal of the 200 hour long, distance program is to graduate instructors with confidence and expert knowledgeable. Bella Bellies adheres to American College of Obstetrician and Gynecologist Guidelines and the Society of Obstetrician and Gynecologist of Canada. If you are interested in the long distance study program and attending the seasonal workshop program in Hoboken, NJ, please contact info@bellabellies.com.

How do I find a trained Bella Bellies® instructor in my area?

If you are interested in working with a Bella Bellies Instructor in your area please contact info@bellabellies.com with your location for an instructor who is qualified and able to consult Anne Martens.