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Stroller Moves®

Did you know exercising with a stroller burns more calories? Researchers at the University of Wisconsin found exercising with a stroller burns 20% more calories than traditional exercise classes. With reasonably priced classes and no need for child care, Stroller Moves® classes are the winning solution.

Stroller Moves® is a one-of-a-kind class designed by personal trainer, Pilates instructor, and Mom Annie Martens. Annie created Stroller Moves® to help moms lose weight and gain muscle tone. The class is a blend of cardio-training and strength training targeting all major muscles groups. The class also includes a one-of-a-kind approach to postpartum core conditioning and rehabilitation. This Pilates-based approach is designed to heal the postpartum tummy-bulge so the abdominal musculature is lengthened and toned. This well-rounded approach to total body conditioning has made Stroller Moves® a sell-out class that has surpassed other Mommy-and-Me classes.

Stroller Moves® strives to create a warm, welcoming nurturing environment for your baby and/or child. The fun and upbeat rhythm of class is entertaining for both you and your little one. Instructors are educated on age-appropriate exercises and hands-on techniques to help your baby grow. You will learn new songs to sing and exercises that include baby.

The class is taught by a certified fitness instructor with an additional certification in Stroller Moves® and Momilates®. Stroller Moves® instructors have extensive education on postpartum exercise, with thorough training for abdominal rehabilitation and additional training in mommy & me exercise routines. Your Stroller Moves® instructor understands the importance of postpartum exercise for a safe and effective work-out. Stroller Moves® instructors are educated on addressing the needs and concerns of a Mom who is healing from birth (Caesarean or vaginal), nursing, sleep deprived, working with a colicky baby, and all the joys and challenges of motherhood.

  • Are you interested in losing the extra "baby" weight?
  • Looking for a solution to expensive gyms or child care?
  • Interested in meeting other mom's and making lasting friendships for yourself and your baby?
  • Looking for exercises that are beneficial for you and your baby?

Stroller Moves® is the answer! Don't miss out. Join a community of Moms today!

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