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11 New School Time Immune Boosting Tips To Guard Your Family

Bella Bellies Immune Boosting Blog

Prepare for the school season by boosting your immune system!

School time is notorious for increasing rates of disease. We all know exercise, taking a daily vitamin supplement, frequently washing hands, a healthy diet and adequate sleep all help boost immunity. But what are some other means to give our immune system a boost?

Here are some tips I have gathered to help boost my kiddos immunity. Feel free to share your tips with me by emailing: info@bellabellies.com

  1. Water helps flush the system, divide your body weight in half and ensure your little one drinks the result in ounces

  2. Probiotics daily, to balance the bacteria (good & bad) within ones intestines

  3. Flossing, 1- 2 times a day and brushing teeth frequently to reduce bacteria within the mouth and relieve the immune system so it can fight other bacterial or viral invaders.

  4. Incorporate fermented foods like kefir or miso into your diet. Side note: I love Pro-Bugs yogurts for kids, it is both probiotics and kefir. I throw one into my daughter’s lunch box every day for an additional boost of immunity.

  5. Drink green tea and / or black tea –an added bonus, it also helps reduce cancer. For children, this is tricky, b/c it is understandably bitter for their palates.  Here is what works for my kiddos –we add a dollop or tablespoon of coconut oil (rich in essential fatty acids for brain development) to berry tea, peppermint tea or white pine tea. These teas are good for the colon and help boost the immune system. My seven year old & two year old enjoy this tea in the morning or on cold days.

  6. Onions have anti-biotic, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties, and are also a great antioxidant. This is easy to incorporate into dinner, but be careful not to overcook.

  7. Garlic also has anti-biotic and anti-viral properties, but it loses it’s potency when over cooked, so best to add it last to your dish prior to serving. Garlic is also a natural bug repellant and will ward off insects from biting you. Again easy to incorporate into any dish.

  8. If you feel something coming on or were just around someone who is ill, consider herbs with antimicrobial properties such as calendula tea or goldenseal or Echinacea tea.

  9. Replace peanut butter with tahini butter (sesame butter). Sesame seed is rich in magnesium, zinc and protein, thus activating and supporting the immune system.

  10. Black pepper, turmeric and oregano… black pepper helps break down turmeric so the wonderful antioxidant properties within turmeric are absorbed. Also, black pepper helps break down the medicinal (anti-inflammatory and anti-viral, especially for e-coli) properties within leaf oregano

  11. Enjoy a yummy, immune boosting shake -your children will love it!

    2.5 cups of fresh kale, stems & ribs removed 2 ¼ cup of water (alternate with almond milk, coconut milk and kefir) 1 cup of pineapple 1 or 2 bananas 1 cup of mangos or peaches 1 tablespoon of Coconut Oil

    –Side tip, I make a big batch of this, freeze it in Popsicle like shapes and throw it in my daughter’s lunch box. It helps keep her lunch box cool and she loves the sweet taste!

This is what works for my family! I hope this helps. Feel free to share your tips on boosting your family’s immune system for the school season.