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Love it or hate it Cilantro is healthy for you! Today, my daughter and I planted cilantro seeds. After researching this ancient, Greek plant (it dates back to 5,000 BC!) I wanted to share some tips I learned, so, below is the information.

Cilantro is a digestive aid -maybe this is why I craved it during both my pregnancies!

Cilantro has anti-bacterial properties

Cilantro has anti-fungal properties

Cilantro is rich in vitamin C

Try not to over cook cilantro so it does not lose its properties

When purchasing cilantro? Avoid yellow or dark green leaves and always purchase / pick healthy, tender, bright green leaves.

When picking cilantro? Try to pick the leaves when they are somewhat young. As the leaves age they tend to taste more bitter.

Cilantro is a plant that will grow year-round and, possibly, 12-24 inches tall!

Storing the stems? Everyone one is different, but in my family we thoroughly clean the picked cilantro, trim the bottom, shake it out, roll it in paper towel, place it in a bit of water (using a narrow cup as a vase) and store it in the refrigerator.