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Fox News "5 Great Pregnancy Workouts" Features Bella Bellies!

Five Great Pregnancy Workouts!

Bella Bellies Prenatal Exercise

Five Great Pregnancy Workouts features Bella Bellies! Bella Bellies / myself (Annie), had the opportunity to collaborate with Fox News Reporter, Julie Relevant of Healthy Mama! As the owner of Bella Bellies, I am passionate about promoting health and well-being during every stage of motherhood. Working with Fox New Magazine in video and in print has been an outlet for me to share all this information with. Julie Relevant of Healthy Mama is an amazing writer and offers sound advice for every stage of motherhood. It was great fun to share my background and understanding of prenatal movement and exercise with Julie. Continue following my blog to receive prenatal exercise tips, child birth education tips, tips for motherhood...and Check out the article below:



What are some of the benefits of prenatal exercise?

  • Encourages a healthier pregnancy, labor and delivery for both mom and baby
  • Improves Mom and Babies vital scores after delivery
  • Helps to reduce the onset of osteoporosis for Mom
  • Helps to reduce the onset of postpartum depression
  • Helps to reduce swelling and inflammation during pregnancy
  • And more!
However, it is important prenatal exercise is modified to meet the needs of both mom and baby.

What is Bella Bellies Prenatal Pilates & Stretch Class?

This class integrates Pilates exercises and Yoga-based stretches for a renewed sense of strength and well-being. The class includes modifications appropriate for each trimester and fitness level, thereby challenging and motivating women at any stage in their pregnancy. The class will focus on exercising the muscles which tend to weaken during pregnancy and muscles which tend to tighten during pregnancy. An additional emphasis will stress the importance of proper core conditioning to prevent over-stretching and widening of the abdominal muscles. Overall, an emphasis will be placed on exercises which help promote strength and well-being during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

If you are interested in finding a Bella Bellies Prenatal Exercise Class in your area, please contact me (Annie) at info@bellabellies.com. Also, join our growing community on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/bellabelliesfit and twitter at #bellabelliesfit.